Liverpool fans angry with Eden Hazard after finding out he rates better that Salah

Having started the new season, the yearly launch of the next version of the EA Sport FIFA merchandise is dropping really soon, and fans of Liverpool are saying a lot about it.

Preparation for the launch later this month included a countdown of the best players of the upcoming FIFA 19 and the official account of EA Sport on Twitter revealed that the rating of Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah, earlier this week has gone up to 88.

The Liverpool star’s previous rating in last year’s edition was 83 and has gone up as a result of his stellar performances in his first season at Liverpool, ending the Premier league season as highest goal scorer while helping the Jurgen Klopp team to the final of the Champions League in May.

Chelsea star, Eden Hazard’s rating was released today and it was discover he has a rating of 91. 3 points higher that Salah’s rating.

Salah’s fans quickly rushed to share their opinion on the matter, with a lot of them shocked that Hazard, who didn’t score up to half the goals Salah scores last season was considered the better player.

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The problem is that FIFA’s ratings are not based just on their performance for a year and Salah has yet to prove that his brilliant season was no coincidence, while Hazard has always shown himself to be one of the best players in the Premier League since he joined the Stamford Bridge club.

Currently on paper though, anybody would prefer to select Salah on their side over Hazard, but real life is totally different from FIFA and the Liverpool star still has a lot of work to do this season if he wants to continue his rise to the top ranks.


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